About Me

Benny Santoso

Hi, I’m Benny Santoso. Co-founder of RECTmedia.

The Journey Begins

I love this beautiful life! I indulge in reading, sometimes writing, sharing experiences, and my favorite is creating businesses. I was born and raised in Indonesia, started building web products at the age of 20, started building company at 23. I have a strong passion in technology and entrepreneurship so I can define myself as a Full Stack Developer and also an Entrepreneur.

I believe the technology can change human life. Starting from here, I grew an enthusiasm for establishing own technology company and I had a dream to create a digital creative product that will be able to help simplify human life, especially in commerce sector.

Besides operating my business, sometimes I share my knowledge in a seminar, a small group and also through this website, especially for entrepreneurship. It’s a part of my passion, because I love sharing my skills and experiences to others.

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